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When You Don’t Know What to Say

Sometimes saying the wrong thing can slip up on you and should leave you speechless. But, few of us can leave that awkward moment alone. Why is it we feel we have to insert comments at inappropriate moments? Why can’t we let words hang in the air and cap them off with a smile or […]

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That’s No Rolex, Ma’m

My husband, Neal, and I were running errands last Saturday mid-morning at a nearby mall when I noticed my watch was stuck on 7:20. I had purchased the watch at Chico’s, a women’s clothing store, known for its stylish, but inexpensive clothing and jewelry. A clerk at the mall gave us what sounded like easy […]

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Uncle Donny and Aunt Marie

This season on ABC’s TV show, “Dancing With the Stars,” one of the favorite dancers is Marie Osmond. The Osmond Family has been one of the most loved singing families for 50 years. You may recall the TV variety show, “Donny and Marie,” that was popular in the 70’s. We were all sad for the […]

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