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There’s a Winner in All of Us-Part 5 of 5

The Price of a Relationship How much money would you be willing to walk away from to preserve a relationship? $5 thousand? $50 thousand, $500 thousand? How about $1 million? Half a billion? To what lengths would you go to hold onto a relationship? It may sound like an unrealistic question, but today I’m going […]

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There’s a Winner in All of Us-Part 3 of 5

Position Yourself As a Winner As we are talking about the qualities of a winner, be sure to go back to Part 1 and Part 2 of my blogs, There’s a Winner in All of Us.  Part 1, What It Takes to Be a Winner, gives you an example of an ordinary person who made […]

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Is Your Vision Clear?

Seeing Life Through Different Eyes I knew of an elderly woman who lived in a rickety old house that had paint peeling off the sides. Looking at her life, you would think she had little for which to be grateful. Yet, every day she took her folding lawn chair and sat for long periods of […]

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