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Save Time by Reading a Book

Time Pressures With the growing pressures of life, time seems to be our most precious commodity. Time slips out of our fingers daily as we try to hurry and get things done. Reading should not be a luxury, but rather a pleasurable island of escape in our busy schedules. If reading can time-travel you to […]

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Left-over Time for the Important Things

The January Emotional Crash I overheard someone say on the radio, “This is the most depressing time of the year. We are almost through January and people are discouraged that they have already failed to fulfill their New Year’s Resolutions.” There is a bit of a let-down when we go from the festive holidays to […]

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Time is on Your Side

One Woman Stopped the Clock My business luncheon was coming to a close when a new acquaintance, a young woman in her early 30’s, leaned over to my side of the table and whispered, “Even though we just met, I feel as though I can talk to you. My time management is so out of […]

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