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Sex and the Single Breast

Ladies, let’s face it. We are in a society surrounded with breasts…breasts to the left of us, breasts to the right of us. A few years ago I moved away from Dallas for a couple of years and returned to find that home-grown Dallas women had upped the ante with non home-grown cantaloupe-sized breasts. I […]

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A Life Saved

The Meeting “May I help you?” asked the clerk at McDonalds. I had no appetite. “Only a drink, please,” I answered. My meeting time was not for another 30 minutes, so I sat silently observing the people. They walked through the door, women with small children, an occasional man on a work break. Mix-matched clothes, […]

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Alone in a Crowd I was sitting alone in a crowded auditorium while fellow church members gathered for a service. An energetic, female usherette walked briskly down the aisle as she seated people. Eager to reconnect after being out of church for several weeks, I glanced down the aisle as she walked toward me. She […]

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