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Financial Advice From a Five-Year Old

We are all concerned about the economy and are hopeful that a new president will turn things around, but the truth is that no one knows how things will go. The stock market rises and falls every day. Banking systems are failing around us. And, about the time you try to put on a smile […]

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Take it to the Bank

In the afterglow of Christmas and New Year’s lights, the reality hits us. How much did we spend? The friendly clerks had perfect gifts pre-packaged and wrapped so we would not have to figure out what to give Aunt Sally or Cousin Bob. We handed out gifts like we were personal Santas until we were […]

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A Book a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The Millionaire Inside Early this evening while I was writing at my computer, I overheard a panel discussion of millionaires on TV discussing the influences in their lives that led to their wealthy status. The show was CNBC’s “The Millionaire Inside”, featuring top financial mentors. Their focus was not on how they became wealthy, but […]

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