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Travel Made Easy???

That was a trip to remember…more trauma getting out of town than the travel itself. What is so difficult about boarding a plane in your own home town and taking a relaxing flight for 3 ½ hours before arriving at your destination? It was getting on the plane that started a crazy trail of events. […]

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Having a Bad Egg Day

2010 was a master year of cooking for me until the last stretch when I faced a culinary meltdown. We discovered our oven wasn’t working one night when we had company over for dinner. Our pizza came out of the oven burned on the top and undercooked on the bottom. But, that was not the […]

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Handcuffed-What Did I Do?

The police were at our office doorstep within minutes of the alarm that indicated we had a break-in at our NBCF headquarters. This was not the first time, more like half a dozen times a false alarm was set off due to our phone system. This was the last day before we installed our new […]

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