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Beyond the Shock-NBCF’s New Online Educational Resource

“Janelle, you have breast cancer. Would you like to have chemotherapy, radiation, or a mastectomy?” Every word beyond, “You have breast cancer,” was a blur. It was 1980 when little information was given to patients about such medical conditions. While I was in the hospital having a hysterectomy, my doctor performed a biopsy on a […]

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Mammograms Can Reveal More Than Breast Cancer

Your health and long life can depend on early detection. Can mammograms detect more than breast cancer? Women are always asking me about calcifications and how they relate to their health. Here are some interesting statistics that may give us insight through mammograms into our future health. Mammogram: Heart Predictor? by Ann Lukits Wall Street […]

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Mammograms Still Save Women’s Lives

My son, Kevin Hail, COO of National Breast Cancer Foundation arrived at work before me today. As he walked down the hallway at our NBCF headquarters, he looked in my empty office and said aloud, “I thank God Mom got a mammogram before the age of 50.” At 34 years old, I felt a lump […]

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