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Body Image-Perception or Reality?

It seems to be inborn that a woman wants the mirror to be her friend. Having breast cancer may have heightened that desire, but I have always been willing to help Mother Nature out. I come from a long line of “natural” blonds. I don’t know a woman in my family who hasn’t given God […]

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Mirror, Mirror: What Happened to My Body?

My Loss Was So Great I caught a glimpse of my marred body in the mirror. One week out of surgery from breast cancer had left me emotionally devastated over the loss of my breast. How could this happen to me? I thought. I was not at high risk as a young woman. Yet, at […]

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Sex and the Single Breast

Ladies, let’s face it. We are in a society surrounded with breasts…breasts to the left of us, breasts to the right of us. A few years ago I moved away from Dallas for a couple of years and returned to find that home-grown Dallas women had upped the ante with non home-grown cantaloupe-sized breasts. I […]

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