National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) was founded in 1991 by Janelle Hail, a breast cancer survivor. Since the Foundation’s inception, NBCF has earned Charity Navigator’s prestigious 4-star rating for six consecutive years and has helped thousands of women who may not otherwise have access to mammograms and treatment.

NBCF extends women’s lives through education about breast cancer and early detection. The organization provides hope to women and families affected by breast cancer through a community of caring support and encouragement that enables those diagnosed with breast cancer to have fulfilling lives during their treatment and afterward.

Eleven years after being diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer, Janelle Hail devoted her life to educating women about early detection and raising funds to provide free mammograms for women who otherwise could not afford this diagnostic procedure. Early detection saved Janelle’s life. Because of her extensive work providing education awareness of breast cancer and funding for free screenings to low-income and underserved women, Janelle has won numerous awards and been honored in many ways on NBCF’s behalf.

Beyond The Shock®

Beyond The Shock is an online educational resource for those affected by breast cancer, so that they can gain a better understanding of the disease.  It is a collaborative breast cancer guide created by the National Breast Cancer Foundation with the support of the finest medical experts, doctors, and researchers in the world. We’ve utilized ground-breaking technology and the resources of the global medical community to create an accessible platform for understanding a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Beyond The Shock includes informational videos, personal stories from women who have battled breast cancer, and a community Q&A.  The videos are separated into chapters, making it easy to navigate to the topics you are seeking. Any questions that are not answered on the videos can be directed to our Q&A section, where you can communicate with a community of survivors, supporters, and medical experts.  One site is all you need to find your answers.

Charity Rating

For the past six years, Charity Navigator, America’s premier charity evaluator, has recognized NBCF for achieving the coveted 4-Star Rating for sound fiscal management. NBCF is among eight percent of nonprofit organizations to earn such an honored recognition for six consecutive years.


MyNBCF.org is a special online gathering place for individuals who are searching for information and looking for support from others who are touched by breast cancer. MyNBCF.org allows site visitors to join the online community and create their own page to share their personal experience with breast cancer. They can keep family and friends up-to-date on their journey while undergoing breast cancer treatment, invite friends to join, and have a lively discussion on topics such as Breast Cancer Basics, Living with Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Treatment. With these options, they can build a support network of friends by discovering and identifying others with similar experiences and interests.

For more information about NBCF, please visit NBCF.org.