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The Old You Made New

Beginning the New Year always seems to default to an admonition to “improve yourself”. Everything you didn’t get right the year before becomes new resolutions that eventually lead to frustration because you fall short again by the end of the month. How about a new approach? Let’s look into making the old YOU new again.

What if you focus all of your attention and direction this year on searching out the best qualities of the “old you,” by remembering the highlights of your personal success? What characteristics do you possess that are extraordinary? Yes, you do have them. You may have to stop and think your way through the trail of your life for milestones of happiness. This became clear to me as I observed something fascinating related to the 2012 Golden Globes.

The Golden Globes

Two great directors were featured on the Golden Globes. Each with different styles used the same approach to casting stars for their movies.

Woody Allen won Best Screenplay for Midnight in Paris
at the Golden Globes. In an interview I heard a few weeks earlier, he talked about casting roles. His approach is to cast the most authentic actors for the roles and to leave them alone to be themselves—natural and at ease. Some actors have begged him to tell them what to do, but he fully trusts his instinct to let the right people immerse themselves into their roles and creatively emerge on their own as astounding characters. Who can argue with his success?

Steven Spielberg‘s movie, War Horse, was nominated at the Golden Globe Awards for Best Motion Picture-Drama. Spielberg chose an unknown stage actor, Jeremy Irvine for the lead role, after interviewing hundreds of young boys. Spielberg said of Irvine, “His performance was very natural, very authentic.”Spielberg says he likes to cast unknowns or those new to the business because they don’t know anything but to be themselves. Irvine had come to the audition two or three times a week for two months. To show his delight in offering this fresh face to the movie world, Spielberg had a mock script written, in which he told Irvine to read to the camera to check his accent. The piece he read was telling him that Spielberg wanted him to play the role. Authenticity brings joy to those who watch.

The Result of Authenticity

The focus of these two directors is uncanny. Each one of them has allowed his authenticity to step into worlds of imagination and creativity unique to the world.

Woody Allen, during his difficult family issues a few years ago would go to court one day and come back on set with a mindset locked into his art. He compartmentalized his mind to attend to the important things as they arose and blocked out those things that did not pertain to his immediate situation. Actors who work with him say he is a genius. He truly is an authentic personality who transfers his authenticity into the casting of actors in his movies. Where would we be without one of his favorites, Diane Keaton?

Steven Spielberg dropped out of California State University Long Beach to pursue his passion. As a young man, he directed Jaws. His reckless abandon to the normal catapulted him into a world of movie-making special effects that had never been seen before and was credited as starting the tradition of the summer blockbuster. He recognized talent such as Liam Neeson, whom he directed in Schindler’s List, and by recognizing his unparalleled acting ability, set him into a career of playing the leading man.

Will You Allow Your Old Self to Emerge?

There was a sweetness and innocence in the early years of your life. Then life happened to you. Your hopes for the future may have turned into broken dreams. Somewhere along the way you forgot how pure and clean your character and values were. Can you take yourself back to the time when you were happy and filled with wonder? As you begin the year 2012, dare to follow your passion. It will change your perspective on life and revive those latent qualities that were in the best version of yourself. What if you didn’t worry about having enough money or a better job to fulfill your dreams? What if you could move past tragedies like breast cancer or hurts of the past and lay those things aside? Perhaps the goal this year is to allow the old you to become new. You have a world of unrealized dreams waiting to explode within you if you dare to let the best of the old you emerge.

Thought for Today:

“Every man has in himself a continent of undiscovered character. Happy is he who acts as the Columbus to his own soul.”—Sir J. Stephen

Live Life,


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  1. Claire
    April 11, 2012 | 10:43 am

    There is a lot to be said for the pursuit of authenticity. Not only does it make us happier but it can lead us down a more fulfilling path.

    I love your article!

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