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Insulted by a Burned Chicken

You know from my blog last week that I am still recovering from my lost culinary skills, known as BCS (Burned Chicken Syndrome). Please click here to read all about it. When you can bare your chicken breasts to the world, you know you are open to share your inner most thoughts unashamedly.

Neal and I don’t mention the chicken episode anymore. He finds he gets better meals if we bury the bones of this fiasco. I am trying to take my mind off the trauma, so as I de-stress at the end of the day, I usually like to read in bed for a few minutes.

Tonight I want to keep it light-hearted, so I pick up my Williams-Sonoma catalogue. I’m thumbing through it, thinking about all of the wonderful foods I can prepare, when there on page 28–not one, but two whole chickens are perched on the vertical chicken roasters like the one I demolished.

Here is the caption:

Cannot go wrong. “I have used this item twice on my outdoor gas grill. My chicken came out moist each time. A great cookware item to have.” –Stafford, VA.

I’d like to hunt that woman down. Perhaps I seem a bit touchy about the situation.

These chickens are glaring at me with their headless bodies like they are daring me to cook them. I am taking the challenge and buying a chicken cookbook. I’m going to bake, shake, sauté, steam, broil, and char until chickens run to their hen houses for refuge when they see me coming.

How to Get Over Being Steaming Mad

Have you ever had people make you so mad, you feel like the steamed one? Sometimes people can insult you without even trying. Then, there are those who go out of the way to try to hit the bull’s-eye. Surviving breast cancer is hard enough without the added insult of people’s careless words. How can you toss insults out the window and not take things personally?

The fastest response is commonly to get angry at insults. But, that only leaves you feeling you missed out on a relationship building opportunity. Instead try these tips:

  1. Remember that people see you through their sometimes foggy filter. While you are certain they have it in for you, probably they are dealing with a mountain of problems in their own lives. You may have stepped into their pathway at the time of explosion.
  2. Look for the morsel of truth in the insult. Maybe you don’t realize how you are coming across with your actions and can self-correct.
  3. If the insult has no basis, walk away from it and leave it behind. It should have no part of your future.

Break the Double Insult Habit

If you are not willing to let go of offenses, then one insult will turn into a double insult. Your memory of a bad insult will now be the foundation for future insults. It is not worth the trouble. Life is too good to clutter it with hand grenades. Think about living life to the fullest and your actions will crowd out offenses.

Thought for Today:

“Never insult an alligator until you’ve crossed the river.”—Cordell Hull, 1871-1955, American Statesman

Live Life,


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