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Financial Advice From a Five-Year Old

We are all concerned about the economy and are hopeful that a new president will turn things around, but the truth is that no one knows how things will go. The stock market rises and falls every day. Banking systems are failing around us. And, about the time you try to put on a smile in hopes that the depressing news of our economy does not cause you personal depression, something unexpected gives you a lift.

Take it From a Five-Year Old

My five-year old granddaughter overheard her dad talking about his finances one day. He was discussing what to do with his stocks since our economic times are so rocky. Little Ellie popped up with the answer to our investment dilemma.

“Dad, you need to hang on to your socks, ’cause your feet might get cold.”

Well spoken. Folks, hang onto your socks. Whether it is a financial crisis or a health crisis in your life, let’s look at how to hang onto our socks.

Don’t Let Crisis Overtake You

Fear is something you can personally control. Deal with reality, not the hype of the media or the negative people around you. When I had breast cancer 28 years ago, I was a young woman of 34. There was no reason for me to get breast cancer, yet I became a statistic. Fear was the first thing that grabbed my mind. Fear that I might die. Fear that I would not be around to raise my children. Fear of what the future may hold. Yet, I realized one day that I could live the rest of my life in fear and miss out on the pure joy of living. So, I traded in fear for comfort.

Comfort Found in Faith

In the midst of a crisis, look beyond yourself. It’s difficult to do, but to have peace of mind you must reach out to God and ask for His strength and comfort. I was only 9 years old when I embraced that truth. In all of these years, I have not seen any reason to forsake my faith in God. When I get scared, I think, Since God created the universe, surely He can take care of me. I’d like to add that many crises have come and gone in my life, but that is the one sure thing that has stabilized me.

Act Out of Confidence, Not Panic

A confidence comes when you stop and reason out your situation, not dwelling on everything that has fallen apart, but stopping to look at where you are. Most of us are surrounded by friends and family who care for us. Even if you are alone, you are here at NBCF today opening your life to new acquaintances and gaining knowledge of breast cancer to keep from being bogged down with fear. Click on MyNBCF to make new friends and talk to others who are facing the same issues as you.

Pushing the panic button will keep you from looking at all of the possibilities and jumping to premature conclusions before having all of the facts. Examine your resources. Change what you can change. And, hang onto your socks. The roller coaster does not go on forever. Things will stabilize.

Thought for Today:

“Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of your times.”—The Bible

Live Life,


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