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Body Image-Perception or Reality?

It seems to be inborn that a woman wants the mirror to be her friend. Having breast cancer may have heightened that desire, but I have always been willing to help Mother Nature out. I come from a long line of “natural” blonds. I don’t know a woman in my family who hasn’t given God a helping hand when it comes to having sun-kissed hair. If I walked out of the house without being adorned in some kind of jewelry, I would feel so naked I’d probably have to turn the car around and go back for the forgotten bangles. Yes, it is vanity at its best, but what a great feeling to be a woman.

That’s W-O-M-A-N.

Knowing that about me, you may want to tag along with me as I go for a Saturday shopping trip. The sun is shining. The weather is in the low 80’s and there are a dozen errands to run. My husband, Neal, doesn’t mind going along if we get back in time for the hottest college football game. We are in and out of stores for an hour. As we close in on the Dallas Galleria, which I might say, has some of the best shopping in the land, I find it hard to resist a quick trip into Nordstrom’s. This is one of those stores that you may want to wear some of your best stuff to get waited on.

I’m dressed in tan slacks and a loose-knit gold sweater that seems to bring compliments when I wear it. At least it does today. Neal sits down in the padded leather chair, designed to keep men satisfied while their wives scour the racks of fine clothes. Sure enough, within five minutes, I find THE outfit.


“Oooh, that color is divine,” says the sales clerk. “It looks stunning with your blonde hair,” she goes on and on.

I tuck into the dressing room and sure enough, the mirror is my friend today. And so is the clerk who wants to sell me some clothes. So, I make a quick decision to buy it and get changed into the clothes I wore into the store. I go to the counter to pay and the clerk continues, “This is perfect for you….yada, yada, yada.”

Feeling fantastic, I go over to the comfortable man-chair where Neal waits. I smile as though I have landed the biggest fish in the ocean.


Then Neal says, “Why are you wearing your sweater inside out?” I look down and there are tags and strings on the underside of my lovely gold sweater staring back at me in unbelief. And this sweater does not look good inside out.

“Why didn’t someone say something?” I said. “I could have worn this inside out for the rest of the day and no one would have said a word. I have walked all over this store thinking I was cute. Thank you for being real with me.”

Women sometimes confuse body image with their sexuality, their womanhood. Ladies, the real woman is the one inside of you who lets her inner beauty shine out. But, it doesn’t hurt to wear a little lipstick, anyway.

Your Early Detection Plan

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Thought for Today:

“Where lipstick is concerned, the important thing is not color, but to accept God’s final word on where your lips end.”—Jerry Seinfield

Live Life,


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