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Confessions of a Repentant Chocolate Eater

My office desk was mounded with paperwork awaiting me upon my return from a trip. Over to the side was a small package wrapped in red, see-through cellophane–a nice gesture from a local business. I untied the ribbon holding the package together and several pieces of heart-shaped chocolate candy fell across my desk.

Usually I don’t enjoy chocolate unless it is exactly the right shade and consistency, so I let it lay there for several minutes. Finally, I picked up a piece, savored it in my mouth and bit down into a heavenly morsel of dreamy chocolate. I believe I’ll have another one of those, I thought. That thought recurred three more times. They were soooo good!

Five Easy Pieces

Minutes away from scooping the evidence away into the trash, someone on my staff came by my office and said, “Where are the pieces of chocolate I saw on your desk?”

“I…ate them.”

With an expression of disbelief, he said, “What? You ate ALL of them? There were FIVE!!!”

Exercise Until it Hurts

Before you non-chocolate eaters judge me with your digital scales, I spent the summer swimming several times a week and had lost so many inches that I had to take all of my slacks to the alterations lady to take them in (not let them out).

The Truth About Chocolate

In a few minutes I walked down the hall to another office where three of our staff were gathered. The first words from them in unison were, “I heard you ate all FIVE of the pieces of chocolate.” I didn’t stand a chance trying to explain.

Could it be that everyone was so concerned about my health that they wanted me to not overeat? Or, as the truth came out, could it be they each wanted a piece for themselves?

The dreamers say, “The road to heaven is paved with chocolate. Or, maybe scientists will even find out chocolate has properties in it that can cure the common cold.”

It may be that I have so deprived my staff of sweets at our headquarters, that when I saw our Marketing Director headed for his office with both fists clinched and tucked behind his back, I strongly suspected he was smuggling chocolate past the others.

I do believe chocolate has some purpose in this world, or why does it taste as good crunching it as it does letting it melt in your mouth?

The Writing Diet

The chocolate bust came at the right time to shake me into reality. I have been reading a fascinating book titled, The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron. She contends that when a snack attack hits, you should take yourself to the page instead of the refrigerator. By writing down your feelings, you will get insight into your creative energy and those emotions that so often block us.

Journaling has become commonplace. Go to MyNBCF and see where thousands of new friends are talking about breast cancer experiences, sharing their thoughts and ideas.

Morning Pages

Julia Cameron suggests writing your Morning Pages, a daily ritual of putting on paper your first thoughts of the day, laying out the good, the bad, and the ugly—uncensored. By putting these things on paper, you can get rid of negative thoughts and junky thinking that may otherwise slip out in a conversation during the day. It places importance of the right things.

Journaling Your Eating Habits

The next step Julia Cameron suggests is to write every time you feel like eating to understand why and what you eat. She says this is putting language between us and the binge. By doing this she says we can look for tiny choice points where we can act and react differently. I must have thumbed through that chapter too quickly.


Next, take the acronym HALT AND don’t get too:





Write out your relationship to each of these words and have a fall-back plan of eating for each.

I believe Julia has it right. Add exercise to speed up your metabolism. She says, “Without exercising, an average woman would have to eat a mere 1,000 calories a day to lose two pounds a week. By adding exercise to the dietary regimen, that same woman could eat as much as 1,400 calories and still lose weight at the same rate.”

I’m turning over a new candy wrapper, I mean leaf. Since it should be unlawful to completely overthrow chocolate, I suggest you have one piece at the end of a 20 pound loss. Just don’t buy it until then, or it will haunt you until you eat it, or someone else eats it for you.

Thought for Today:

“I have this theory that chocolate slows down the aging process…It may not be true, but do I dare take the chance?”–Unknown

Live Life,


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