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There’s a Winner in All of Us-Part 5 of 5

The Price of a Relationship

How much money would you be willing to walk away from to preserve a relationship?

$5 thousand? $50 thousand, $500 thousand? How about $1 million? Half a billion? To what lengths would you go to hold onto a relationship?

It may sound like an unrealistic question, but today I’m going to tell you about a person who did choose relationship over money.

Our “Winner” series has been fun this month. The term winner is used to describe people. We hear comments like, “She acts like a winner.” Or, “A winner takes it all.” There are a thousand ways to say it, but we all want to be that winner. Go back to the first of March and catch the entire series, There’s a Winner in All of Us.

Know When to Walk Away

Back to the mystery person who willfully walked away to preserve her relationship with her father. Her name is Tori Spelling, actress best known for her role on Beverly Hills, 90210. Her father was Aaron Spelling, recently deceased TV producer. He was listed in the Guinness Book of Records in 1999 as the world’s most prolific producer of television drama. At that point in time, according to the Guinness record, he had produced 3,842 hours of television–enough to fill about 3½ years of prime time seven nights a week without any reruns. In his lifetime, he amassed a wealth of at least ½ billion dollars. Some say perhaps a billion.

Here’s where the story gets interesting. In an interview, Tori Spelling promoted her new book, sTORI Telling, in which she reveals her life growing up as the child of Aaron Spelling. The interviewer asked, “Did you ever talk to your father about your inheritance before he died?”

Tori answered, “Yes, we talked one time. He told me I would be alright. He was leaving me a million dollars.”

“Didn’t you ask him why such a small inheritance compared to how much he was worth?” said the interviewer.

“No,” said Tori, “I didn’t ask. I couldn’t; he had such love in his eyes when he said it.”

Look at the Big Picture

Before you get judgmental and say, “Why wasn’t she happy with a million? I’d be thrilled if someone gave me a million,” think of her circumstances.

She grew up in a home of wealth. She said her mother shopped all of the time. She was always seeing her on the computer ordering things. If she found a blouse she liked, she would order 10 of them in different colors. So, to lavishly spend money was natural to her.

When Tori left home to strike out on her own, she never asked for money from her father. She was self-supporting from that time on. She admitted to being unwise with her spending habits and dug a hole of debt, around $300,000 to $400,000. Still she never asked him for money.

Where to Go From Here

The interview continued, “Tori, what did you do after you learned you would not inherit his wealth?”

“I became my father’s daughter,” she said. “I came from a talented family, so I started using my talents and making things happen for myself.”

When asked why she had written a book on her family, she answered, “Because that was my life as it was.”

The Precious Moment That Will Live Forever

What Tori Spelling did was choose to walk away from more wealth than any of us may ever know, to freeze a moment in time that will forever live in her heart. The tenderness of that moment could not be bought or tainted by a price tag. She allowed herself to live in the moment by not dwelling in bitterness or greed. She walked away as a winner.

What she does beyond that moment is something she will have to decide for herself. It would be unfair for any of us to judge her future actions.

Can You Walk Away?

Now look at your own circumstances. Are you willing to walk away from bitterness or hatred over getting breast cancer? Do you want the moment you freeze in time to be filled with love and precious memories, or will you throw it away to allow bad thoughts to dominate your actions?

Remember that God is aware of everything that happens in your life. He will care for you if you allow His love into your life. That great love will carry you through the deepest sea of despair or grief. Walk away from all of the bad stuff. You are a winner! Start living life.

Thought for Today:

“The man who has won millions at the cost of his conscience is a failure.” – BC Forbes

Live Life,


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