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There’s a Winner in All of Us-Part 3 of 5

Position Yourself As a Winner

As we are talking about the qualities of a winner, be sure to go back to Part 1 and Part 2 of my blogs, There’s a Winner in All of Us.  Part 1, What It Takes to Be a Winner, gives you an example of an ordinary person who made winning qualities work for her. Part 2, Having a Winning Attitude, gives a unique perspective of the power of persuasion. Today we are talking about how to position yourself as a winner.

Jerold Panas, an executive partner of one of America’s leading fundraising firms and author of several books, tells about an article he read in National Geographic on barnacles. “The barnacle,” said the article, “is confronted early on with a decision about where it is going to live. Once it decides that, it spends the rest of its life with its head permanently cemented to a rock.”

Apparently that works for the barnacle. I tried to peel one off a rock, and it wouldn’t budge. It had amazing sticking power. The first step toward positioning yourself as a winner is to select your position.

Select Your Position

Flow with your natural gifts. They are the pathway to your dreams. I watched an interviewer ask several people in their 20’s about their purpose in life. Most struggled to find an answer. Several said they had never thought about it. They lived from day to day.

One young woman said, “To help my family and friends.” An answer like that has a pathway to follow that leads to friendships and a family to cherish.

If you are experiencing breast cancer, you may have already tapped into your inner strength. Tragedies can open our eyes to what is real and important. Keep moving toward the things you love. Position yourself to be a winner.

Make it Stick Like Cement

I have heard people say they were afraid they would never fulfill their purpose in life. Your dreams of your future are an important part of your vitality. Without dreams, your heart grows dull and weary. You don’t have to let go just because of tough times. Life as a winner has a natural holding power.

Live Like a Winner

Breast cancer can throw you into a transition period of your life. How you handle transitions is as important as how you live your daily life. In his book Time Shifting, Stephan Rechtschaffan tells about how the great pianist Arthur Rubinstein answered an admirer’s question, “How do you handle the notes as well as you do?”

Rubinstein answered, “I handle the notes no better than many others, but the pauses…ah! That is where the art resides.”

You can skip across the notes in life when things are going well. How you handle the transitions determines whether you will live your life in harmony and with grace. Living your life is not about how magnificently you cross the finish line, but about how well you do on the pauses.

Next week you will see how to Look Beyond Yourself in Part 4

Thought for Today:

“It’s easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you’re a winner, when you’re number one. What you’ve got to have is faith and discipline when you’re not yet a winner.” – Vince Lombardi

Live Life,



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