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What’s the Name of Your Game?

The extraordinary access we have to information on the internet has opened a new world to users. Through the internet we can follow trails of information that increase our knowledge, but we also have access to enter worlds outside of our own.

While watching a documentary on internet games the other night, my eyes were opened to the intensity of gamers. Fantasy games are taking over some people’s lives. One couple had met each other through a game of fantasy creatures. Over a period of time, they enjoyed their fantasy encounters so much, that they made arrangements to meet in person. A romance began and they married.

Here is the troubling part of living in a fantasy world. Second Life, an internet game, is a 3-D virtual world, in which people can create their own personas; avatars. These beings have the same living requirements we need in real life. So, to obtain these items, people must use real money to purchase virtual money. This one game alone is taking in $5,000,000 a month from people buying things such as virtual real estate, homes, clothing, and jewelry for their avatars.

Many people are dissatisfied with their lives, so they think that by creating virtual lives, they don’t have to deal with the real world. What if someone told you that you could design your own life? Think about what you would like it to be? First thoughts might be to have wealth, looks or fame. But, think beyond those superficial things. After all, you could buy those through a virtual life. Here’s the way to design your own real life:

Find Your Passion

What is your passion? What would you do in life if money was not an object? If you have never tapped into your passion, think about what you like to read, watch on TV or do for entertainment. If you think carefully, the passion is hidden there.

Dare to Dream

Those who are dealing with breast cancer or any other major illness sometimes stop dreaming. They think their lives are controlled by breast cancer.

Breast cancer is something that happens to you. It is not your life. Take care of your health. Seek the medical attention you need. Then, open your mind and heart to your dream. Dream of what makes you happy. Dream of what you really want in life. Many have told me that breast cancer ended up being a blessing to them because they stopped looking at superficial things in life and did an internal checkup of what mattered to them.

The inspirational motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, says, “Get a checkup from the neck up.” I like that because that is where the dream gets lodged, in the mind.

Once you have the passion in your heart and filter your dream through a positive mind, it is time to take action.

List Your Obstacles

The reason I ask you to lay the obstacles out on paper is to let you see how realistic they are. Sometimes our greatest fears are not as daunting as we think. Also, we must come face to face with the things that are stopping us from moving forward. If you understand what is stalling out your dream, you can begin to take action. NBCF was born from the seeds of a dream, nurtured by prayer and faith in God.

Live the Dream

It’s time to step it up, now. You don’t have to live in a fantasy world. Live your dream. But, you say, “I don’t know how.” There are resources surrounding you, including people, who will show you the way. Experience the pure joy of living your dream.

Thought for Today:

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.” – Sign on a picture called Focus at Successories.

Live Life,


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