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Buns of Steel, Please

Exercise for Good Health

To work my way into good health, I started a rigorous swim routine at a health club several times a week. According to the National Cancer Institute, physically active women have up to a 40 percent reduced risk of developing breast cancer.

Forget Fashion

On this particular day, I had the entire over-sized pool to myself. Since no one was around, I bravely donned my flowered shower cap and took off swimming. It wasn’t a fashion statement, but it kept my naturally blonde hair, provided by my hairstylist, safe from the pool chlorine.

Half the pool was divided into lanes by ropes that stretched from end to end. I took the outside lane and enjoyed a leisurely swim with my paddle board stretched out in front of me.

Someone entered the pool area. As I looked over my left shoulder behind me, I spied a 387 pound man at the edge of the water. When he jumped in, a wave swooped a current of water under me and thrust me forward about two feet.

Instead of swimming in a straight line, he veered toward me like a downed helicopter chopping through the water.

That shower cap might as well have been a fire-engine hat with a red flashing light. The next thing I knew, he karate chopped me on the head, dunking me under the water with his flailing arms. I came up with my shower cap hanging over one eye and water dripping from every puffy part of the cap.

He was in such a state of shock, that he didn’t know what to do. Dazed and suffering from a mild concussion, I managed to get out of the pool and went straight home.

To this day I cannot figure out how he targeted me so precisely and how two people in an over-sized pool could collide. But, it did give me something to laugh about for a long time.

Keep Movin’

If you are dealing with breast cancer, keep moving forward. Look for ways to stay healthy and get as much exercise as you can on a regular basis. Odd things may happen to you along the way, but keep focused on getting yourself well and healthy.

Thought for Today:

“It is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigor.” Marcus Tullius Cicero


“I really don’t think I need buns of steel. I’d be happy with buns of cinnamon.” Ellen DeGeneres

Live Life,


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