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Mad on Three

Airport Entertainment

I was sitting at the airport waiting to board a plane, watching people pass.
To my right was a svelte woman dressed in a full-body leotard, stretching to a workout of yoga while giving no thought to the passing world around her.
A couple walked hand-in-hand off the plane and through the gate toward me. He was a rugged-looking fellow dressed in western clothes, complete with a wide-brimmed cowboy hat. She was wearing jeans, a wrinkled t-shirt, and a waist-length white wedding veil fluffed out in layers.

At this point, I was doing my best not to stare. Then, over the loud speaker I heard this announcement, “Will the gentleman who left his hearing aid at the ticket counter please come back to pick it up?” I’m sorry, but I burst out laughing. How is he supposed to hear that announcement?

Mad on Three

Airports can be entertaining with little effort. Before 9-11 and TSA, there was a time when you could get upset if your luggage got lost or could make a comment without being carted off to airport jail.
One day I was detained by a security woman while I attempted to stuff my carry-on luggage onto the security conveyor belt and hurriedly get through the security check-in. My handbag with all of my identity and money was quickly getting out of sight.

“Don’t step over the line,” she said as she curtly pointed to the threshold of the security gate.

“But, my bag with my money is getting away from me,” I said.

“Get back off the line,” she barked.

I asked her to get my bag for me, but she seemed to enjoy the opportunity to hold me up. I tried to contain my composure, but it was a power struggle, and she knew she had the winning edge.
She picked up her megaphone and loudly shouted, “Mad on Three. Mad on Three.” That caught the attention of a few people. I stood there red-faced until the manager came over and cleared my bag and me through security without a glitch.

Airport Moments

I can’t tell you how many times airport experiences have made me laugh or nearly cry, but isn’t that life for you? Every time you think you have things figured out, someone throws you a curve.

Before I had breast cancer, so many small things used to bother me. The staggering thing about dealing with breast cancer is that you start to focus on things that really matter, particularly people. You realize that bad times don’t last forever and that you can squeeze more enjoyment out of life if you look for those unusual “airport” moments. Think about some of the odd things that have happened to you and I’ll bet you smile, too.

We have an online community, MyNBCF, that wants to meet you. Tell us your stories and experiences.

Thought for Today:

“At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.” Jean Houston

Live Life,


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