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Roger Horchow, mail-order catalog mogul of The Horchow Collection, and his daughter, Sally, have written an enlightening book on relationships. In The Art of Friendship, Roger tells how he learned the value of developing new relationships from his friend, Dick Bass.

Dick had accomplished amazing achievements in his life, including climbing the highest peak on each of the seven continents, as well as being the oldest person to climb Mt. Everest, at age fifty-five.

Roger recalled a story Dick told him about striking up a conversation with a pleasant fellow on a plane ride. Throughout the flight, Dick related thrilling story after story to the stranger of his adventures, including how he almost died in the Himalayas and was making plans to reclimb Everest.

With a sigh of satisfaction, at the end of the flight, Dick turned to the man sitting beside him and said, “After all this, I don’t think I’ve introduced myself. My name is Dick Bass.”

The man quietly responded, “Hi, I’m Neil Armstrong. Nice to meet you.”

Roger Horchow points out in his book how we miss opportunities to meet people because we build our world around ourselves. We do not have our eyes open to opportunities to experience new friendships.

From the Famous to the Not So Famous

Many years ago I, too, met Neil Armstrong. He was the famous; I was the not so famous. I sat across the aisle from him on a shuttle bus as we were transported between buildings to a conference. Since this was a rare opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone who had made an astounding mark on history, I blurted out one of my most brilliant comments, “How was the moon?”

He nodded and said, “Fine.”

That could go down as the shortest conversation in history. It was back to the drawing board on how to meet people. Since then I have worked on my techniques and found a few friends along the way.

The Friendship Connection

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Thought for Today

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” – Dale Carnegie

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