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One Woman Stopped the Clock

My business luncheon was coming to a close when a new acquaintance, a young woman in her early 30’s, leaned over to my side of the table and whispered, “Even though we just met, I feel as though I can talk to you. My time management is so out of control. Could I call you sometime and get some ideas on how to balance my time?”

A couple of days later she called and told me about her schedule. She was an entrepreneurial woman who operated her marketing business out of her home. The business was going great until her baby was born three months ago. Now with the responsibility of business and family life clashing, she found herself staying up until 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. working at her computer while her husband, baby and first grade daughter slept. Naturally, she was exhausted and frustrated.

I asked her, “What outside activities do you have aside from your business?”

“I have a Bible study in my home, go to my daughter’s school once a week to read to her class, and teach a class at church.”

“If you could put two activities on hold for a couple of months,” I said, “which one would you prefer to keep doing?”

Without hesitation she said, “I would go to my daughter’s school.”

“Then, why not let someone else take the other responsibilities for three months until you can get a balance to your schedule?”

A few months later she called me and enthusiastically told me about her new schedule. She had hired someone to come into her home and help with the baby a few hours a day, let go of some of her outside activities, and was now enjoying her family, work, and life.

That may sound like a simple solution, but when it is your life, you know how difficult it is to let go of things that are important to you or that you feel are your responsibilities.

Put a Spin on Your Life When it Spins Out of Control

You may have your life under control, then suddenly you are told you have breast cancer. That happened to me. I was a young mother of three sons, ages 3, 10 and 13. I was also moving into a new home that we were building in another city. And, my husband was traveling back and forth on weekends to our new place. I was too sick to pack, overwhelmed with life’s challenges and had to stop and re-evaluate my situation.

Life happens. When I toned down my self-expectations, I found there were people surrounding me that loved me and offered the help I needed.

The good news is that I arranged for someone to help with the packing, my husband handled the homebuilding and my family helped while I recovered from a mastectomy. It wasn’t easy, but step-by-step things fell into place when I stopped putting so much pressure on myself.

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Life is the study of attention. Where your attention goes, your heart goes also.” Brian Tracy

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